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Ad "Vibrance"to your life with  the Worlds Healthiest Drink
Natural Energy Enhancer from Land & Sea

This delicious blend of seaweeds with our proprietary formula ...Moucidan™ containing full-spectrum RainBow Antioxidants™. Vibra™ has a spectrum of synergic natural nutrients from the land and sea.   They have been selected from all over the world for their broad spectrum anti-oxidant properties, nutritional value, and long history of use. The drink contains a mixed berry blend that has very high OREC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) values providing you the greatest result possible.

Comfort Meds™  

A relaxing formula giving your a feeling of well being 

This formula consists of Green-lipped mussel called Perna Canaliculus, which is a New Zealand shellfish, from which an extract has been shown to be useful in the treatment of joint health and anti-inflammation, anti-COX 2 activities shown to be important with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.   It also has a spectrum of complimentary natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients with our proprietary blend of brown seaweed from around the world...Mucoidan™.

MSM, and Hylaronic Acid and essential fatty acids that support cardio, immune, and joint health..
This formula combines the most powerful anti-inflammatory substances.  In clinical trials by Dr Buckman, collagen 2 helped with joint inflammation better than placebo in a double blind clinical trial of 80 patients.  Clinical trials of Green Lipped Mussel also showed benefits in those with joint pain.


With High Potency Mucoidan™

Sea Meds with High Potency Mucoidan™ is our most popular formula consisting of seaweeds specially chosen for its high concentration of Mucoidan. It also includes natural forms of iodide, and iodine has many important functions in the body plus it supports thyroid function and metabolism. Additional minerals include: nutrients including: magnesium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, boron.  These minerals are becoming scarce in the US diet for a variety of reasons.  They are being removed from table salt and there is less seafood ingestion.  There has even been a link of thyroid disease to breast cancer that decreases in incidence with adequate intake of iodine.

GI Meds™

Keeps your digestive track...on track

GI contains digestive enzymes and complimentary probiotics to be used as a food supplement for gastrointestinal health maintenance.  The addition of our complete digestive formula complements use of Stable Probiotics with select organisms for healthy flora, balanced gastrointestinal environment, and for healthier breakdown of nutrients.   A healthy GI tract has been linked to improved absorption of healthier nutrients into the body as well as gastrointestinal health.   Our Stable Plant Based Enzymes come from plant origins rather than other sources of these enzymes that can otherwise be quickly destroyed in the GI tract.   These enzymes are responsible for the breakdown each of the major food groups consisting of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.


Diabetes formula for best metabolism and use of glucose

SugarMedsTM is primarily made of Mucoidan™ brown seaweed extracts; Perna Green lipped mussel, chromium, cinnamon, and vanadyl sulfate.   These are natural food supplement extracts that come from the food sources from the land and the sea.  They contain many minerals, proteins, essential fatty acids, and other nutrients that support metabolism and provide energy.  Studies have shown the benefits of iodine in its role in thyroid function and proper metabolism.   Proper nutrition, metabolism and use of carbohydrates and forms of food is needed for energy and activity, which then helps for control of weight and processing of foods.  The ingredients in this formula have been selected for their benefits in his role of nutrition and metabolism according to recent scientific studies.

Stable Omegas™

The best in Omegas delivery in a stable method making them more effective

Nature has provided us essentially fatty acids that heal, and we have found a way to make them stable and bioavailable for their antioxidant benefits.  Other brands are not stabilized, and when oxidized they become free radicals which are harmful.  Our Omegas provide the best available form and the proper Omega ratios.

Cold and FluMeds™ 

Homeopathic Formula that keeps you healthy

Our cold and flu meds combine the most commonly used herbs all in one capsule for all 4 stages of the cold and flu and not just one stage.

We put together the most commonly used Nutraceuticals for cold and flu and put them all in one bottle
instead of purchasing 6 or more bottles of product fighting the 4 stages of the flu in one application. 

Using some of the most popular herbal extracts in Chinese Medicine, the addition of 4 immune boosters makes this proprietary blend of a synergic formula for cold and flu.   Xylitol was added for its antibacterial and infectious benefits in the oral cavity where cold and flu starts.   Adding anti-inflammatories help with the inflammation in the oral and upper respiratory regions that come along with allergies and the flu and cause the primary symptoms.

Daily Essentials™

Over 100 nutrients in best ever Multi-Vitamin

After 10 years of working on this formula, our scientists have found the best sources and ingredients for a daily vitamin.Daily Essentials was named for what we need on a continuous basis.  <

This herbal, vitamin and mineral formula includes important alkaline promoting electrolytes. Recent studies have shown that processed foods, fertilizers, pesticides, and depleted soil are responsible for the depletion of important minerals in our bodies and in our diets.



Breast Wellness Formula™ for daily use

Daily bombardment of damaging environmental estrogen-like compounds and mercury plus detrimental factors such as the aging process, demonstrate the need to support a healthy woman's breast cellular structure.

A wealth of research demonstrates that specific plant extracts can positively influence cellular status and remove some of the anxiety that women face about maintaining  healthy breast tissue.

Viocell includes a proprietary blend of Cruciferous Land Nutrients, Sea Vegetables, Broad-Spectrum anti-oxidants, Minerals plus Vitamin D that support an alkaline state, and many other nutrients for optimal breast health.

Women seeking to proactively maintain health with a multi Broad-spectrum,  phytonutrient-based formula that helps support healthy breast environmental terrain and detoxification.



Suggestions for using herbal supplements:

 Consult your doctor first
 Do not take a bigger dose than the label recommends
 Take it under the guidance of a trained medical professional
 Be especially cautious if you are pregnant or nursing
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.